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Dr Nomikou completed her doctorate in Biomedical Sciences at Ulster University in 2008. She was appointed as Lecturer in Targeted Therapeutics at UCL in September 2013 and was then promoted to Associate Professor in October 2019.


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University of Patras, Greece B.Sc. 04/2003 Chemistry Ulster University, United Kingdom M.Sc. 09/2004 Biotechnology/Food Biotechnology Ulster University, United Kingdom Ph.D. 08/2008 Biomedical Sciences


Dr Nomikou’s current research focuses on the development of translational drug delivery approaches based on formulations/carriers that are responsive to different forms of energy (electromagnetic fields, ultrasound), as well as responsive to the cancerous microenvironment. Her recently published and current funded research has demonstrated the potential of site-specific and minimally-invasive treatments based on low-intensity ultrasound and light, named as sonodynamic and photodynamic/photothermal therapy, respectively. The potential of these therapeutic approaches to efficiently manage aggressive and advanced-stage cancers has been strongly augmented by novel therapeutic formulations that respond to either externally-applied or tumour-specific stimuli. Dr Nomikou’s team aims to optimize these therapeutic modalities using nanotechnology for maximizing their potential in the clinic. Her research has been awarded funding from the UK Research Councils (EPSRC, MRC), the Royal Society, as well as UK-based cancer charities (e.g. Bowel & Cancer Research). Her research has also been supported with private donations.


Awarded with funding as principal investigator from the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Medical Research Council (MRC) (three research grants: EP/P020828/1, EP/R035008/1 and EP/N509577/1), the Royal Society UK (RG130569), the Bowel and Cancer Research (UK-registered charity) and the Therapeutic Acceleration Support Fund (UCL)


Professor Anthony McHale, Ulster University, UK Professor John Callan, Ulster University, UK Professor Alexander MacRobert, UCL, UK Dr Heather Nesbitt, Ulster University, UK AxisBio, UK Dr Rifat Hamoudi, University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Dr Georg A. Feichtinger, University of Leeds, UK Dr Maria Pia Donzello, University of Rome, Italy



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