Hongchuan is a Professor,Medical School of Zhejiang University,China



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Medical School of Zhejiang University


2009.12-present: Professor, SRRSH, Medical School of Zhejiang University, China

2007.11-2009.11: Research Assistant Professor, PWH, CUHK, Hong Kong

2005.11-2007.11: Postdoctoral Fellow, PWH, CUHK, Hong Kong

2004.12-2005.11: Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Ageing Research-FLI, Jena, Germany

1999.09-2001.07: Resident/Fellow, SRRSH, Medical School of Zhejiang University, China


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Mechanism and role of aberrant signal transudation in carcinogenesis

Epigenetic regulation of metabolism

Translational cancer research: new approaches for cancer screening and treatment


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